Q. Why go to a denturist?

A. Replacing your natural teeth is more than trusting someone with your smile…Your appearance, your looks, your whole image is at stake. Make sure you entrust this delicate task to a specially trained professional!

Your denturist is an expert in design, construction, insertion and adjustment of removable dentures as well as overdentures on implants.

Their expertise, meticulousness and professionalism make them the best possible choice to help you derive the maximum benefit from dental prosthetics technology. “denturists are your denture specialists.”


Q. What’s so different about going to a denturist versus other dental professionals?

A. Your denturist listens to your needs. They personally handle every step in the construction of your denture: from the first impression to the last adjustment. There is no middleman in the fabrication of your new denture. The denturist has an on site laboratory to produce your personalized dentures.

Your denturist is the ideal person to instruct you in the daily maintenance of your denture. He can also tell you how often your denture should be adjusted in order to ensure the comfort, effectiveness and aesthetic appearance that you expect. After all denturists just make Dentures and Related Removable Appliances.


Q. How long do dentures last?

A. Your dentures will not last indefinitely. The denture teeth and base will wear and stain over time. The tissues of the mouth are undergoing continual change so that the dentures will have to be adjusted, rebased or remade from time to time. This time will vary and depend upon such factors as individual tolerances, habits and the length of time you have had dentures. The average life of a denture is about five to seven years.

Your denturist is sensitive to your well-being and to the general condition of your dentures. Your denturist also has the experience and expertise to advise you on your best treatment plan and how to proceed.


Q. Now I have dentures I don’t need an annual exam, do I?

A. Your dentures and tissues should be checked annually. Damage to the oral tissues can take place without your being aware of it. Early detection and elimination of tissue inflammation is important to minimize shrinkage of the supporting bone and tissue. By keeping the tissue healthy your dentures will continue to fit correctly.

Your denturist will also check for looseness of the denture due to tissue changes, stains and calculus deposits on the denture, your bite position (how evenly your teeth close together). It’s not the dentures which change over time, it’s your mouth which is continually changing so by having your denturist check on your oral condition, you are able to enjoy all the benefits of a well fitting quality denture.


Why a Denturist?

Denturists study the clinical and technical aspects of removable dentures and general health . Anyone can consult a denturist without a referral from another health-care professional. Denturists provide the most cost and time effective denture treatment. Most denturists’ laboratory work is performed on the premises by the denturist who sees you. This ensures quality of care is consistent and personal.

Your denturist’s expertise and professionalism make him or her the best possible choice to help you derive the maximum benefit from the most advanced denture technology.

Most denturists’ fees are covered by dental plans and other private insurance companies. If you have a dental plan, ask your denturist to assist you in determining what specific services are covered.

If you do not have a regular dentist or need a referral to an oral surgeon, your denturist will be happy to refer you to the appropriate practitioner.

If your dentures are more than five years old, make an appointment to talk with your denturist. You can improve your looks, self-confidence and possibly your health with quality replacement dentures.

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