Denture Rebase and Relines



Denture Rebase and Relines

Denture rebase and relines are usually done when the denture teeth have not worn out in comparison to the denture base material. It is a process of retrofitting dentures by replacing all of the acrylic denture base with new acrylic, which provides a stable denture without replacing the denture teeth.

Relining affects only the fit of your denture and will not change the appearance.

Denture rebase and relines are required when tissue changes occur due to resorption (shrinkage).

This can be due to:

  • loss of weight
  • loss of teeth
  • loss of bone
  • ageing
  • disease or illness

Worn or ill-fitting dentures do not always need replacing. We can assess if you are a candidate for a reline or rebase. If one is suggested, it can be done in the same day, by us directly, in our own dental lab that is located right on the premises.

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