A healthy smile with good fitting dentures, will bring you good health.

Your new smile begins here.

The Academy Denture Clinic has become synonymous with providing the very best in denture care and quality second to none. Located in the heart of Seattle, the clinic focuses on personal, one-on-one care, creating a unique approach to each patient’s needs and unique desires.

Our patients tell us their confidence has been restored due to our professional approach, caring attitude, and attention to detail. We look forward to meeting you soon and beginning your journey toward a new smile.

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  1. Thank you Kam for the beautiful, and comfortable teeth you made for me. They look amazing. I was very worried when I investigated the denture procedure. After studying for several days online I Learned that I should find a Denture Lab. I am very blessed that i found Acadamy Denture Clinic. Kam is very kind, professional and helpful. I would highly recommend Kam to anyone looking for comfortable, superior quality and very natural looking dentures.

  2. You couldn’t ask for a better experience! I felt comfortable and in good hands every step of the way. My upper plate cracked on me a few months ago and they fixed it better than new. I came back a few weeks ago to have a new set of dentures made and I couldn’t be happier! For the first time in ten years wearing dentures, I don’t have to use any adhesive to hold them in place!! Keep up the good work, and you have a patient for life.

    • Hello James,
      Just wanted to give you a quick follow up and check on how everything is working for you. If you need any adjustments please let us know and Kam can take care of it. Thank you so much for taking the time to write these wonderful comments – your feedback is very much appreciated! We are so happy to include your photo as a part of our collection of beautiful smiles!!
      Best Regards,

  3. I have been a patient for over 13 years and am very happy with the excellent care I have received. The office staff is wonderful and I have the most beautiful smile! Kam takes the time to listen to your needs and is the most dedicated denturist.

  4. Atmosphere – Attitude – Professionalism – Kindness – Caring – Thorough – and Humor. I had an incredibly great and positive experience in the face of what could have been a serious medical disaster. Thank you Correna and Kam.

  5. My mom had dentures made from other Dental Clinics and none of them fit or worked like her new ones do! With the new denture that she has now, she can eat anything. Everyone at the Academy Denture Clinic was so helpful and nice. She had a very pleasant time here and it was really quite amazing.

  6. Our mother was very ill in a nursing home and was losing weight. We are so pleased that the staff at Academy Denture Clinic does house calls. Now she can eat comfortably and is gaining weight. Thank you for your wonderful service!!!

  7. I’ve gone to many different denture clinics but none of them helped me as much as Academy Denture Clinic.

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